Learning project 2019-2020

PROCMURA, or Programme for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa, has for more than 50 years been actively involved in peace building projects across the African continent through capacity building initiatives for christian and muslim religious leaders, and for women and the youth. To PROCMURA peace is a condition for sustainable development in Africa. Thus religious communities are given a certain obligation to work for peace. PROCMURA is the oldest African Christian dialogue organization which invite muslim brothers and sisters to join in and participate.

PROCMURA also cooperates with other organisations. PROCMURAs volunteer advisors often take part in national churchbased organs and organisations. Furthermore the organisation works closely with equal minded Muslim organisations, who are willing to join the work for peace and peaceful coexistence.

PROCMURA works with a number of interreligious and civil society organizations as well as educational institutes across the continent, through a network of local and regional coordinators and comitees. Globally PROCMURA participates actively in the World Council of Churches and the African Union's work for peace between Muslims and Christians. MCDD hopes to gain experience and develop project tools for working with freedom of religion or belief and therehopes this learning project will be of benefit for all member organizations wanting to adress freedom of religion or belief in their projects.

2019-2022 DMCDD cooperates with PROCMURA on a learning project on freedom of relgion or belief. The project was launched July 2019 and the following years it will help build PROCMURA's capacity to adress challenges on freedom of religion or belief in 16 countries across Africa.