The Four Principles in a Christian Understanding


For DMCDD there is no distinction between the Christian values and the values of the right based approach. In the paper, The Four Principles of Right Based Approach to Development in a Christian Understanding, we have explained the principles more thoroughly in relation to a Christian understanding and found biblical stories for each of the principles.



Building the social, political, legal and economic capacity of rights-holders to address those with rights obligation (duty bearers), voice their rights and access remedies for violation or abuses



Engaging rights-holders - actively and meaningfully - in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of activities that impact their lives



Giving priority and suport, principally and in practice, to the most marginalized and vulnerable society and to the groups most affected by rights, violation and abuses regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, health status, etc.


Operating in an inclusive and trransparent manner that ensures downwards, inwards and upwards accountability. Identifying the relevant duty-bearer and working towards a situation where these duty-bearer have the will and capacity toenforce the human-rights standard, and where there exist mechanisms for holding them to account if rights are being violated. 

DMCDD continues to develop the language used about the right based approach so it is adapted for the diaconal development work that DMCDD members and their partners do. These four principles are therefore not final and will continuously be clarified and reformulated.

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